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KOERS. Museum of Cycle Racing

KOERS. Museum of Cycle Racing in Roeselare is the leader in collecting, securing and accessing the (Flemish) cycling heritage.

The KOERS collection consists of three main pillars: a bicycle collection, a cycling collection (cycling equipment, trophies) and a documentary collection. The documentary collection includes among others 180 running metres of magazines and newspapers, more than 2,400 publications, 30 running metres of archives, more than 2,000 posters and more than 150,000 photos and negatives.

In the museum, you can expect an interactive ride through the history of the bicycle and cycling with on the track exceptional trophies, a Service Course stuffed with racing bikes, haunting action footage and a rainbow of cycling collection pieces.

Since its renewal in 2018, KOERS is more than just a museum. It has an integrated tourist reception with a cycling shop and an extensive documentation centre for researchers. With lockers, electric charging points and shower rooms, it is the ideal base for recreational and sporting cyclists. In the museum garden, which is connected to the cycling junction network, you will find the cycling café, appropriately named 'KOERSkaffee'.

With a view to increased digital participation, KOERS is making the digitalisation and accessing of its valuable collections a top priority. This recently resulted in the collection and story platform www.serviceKOERS.be.

For more information about visiting the museum, please visit www.KOERSmuseum.be.

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