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Botanic Garden Meise

Meise Botanic Garden (the former National Botanic Garden of Belgium) is situated in the heart of Belgium, just north of the capital city Brussels. Located in a historic park of 92 ha, this garden is home to several internationally important collections, among which the living collection with nearly 18.000 plant species, the seed bank, the library, and the herbarium and its almost 3.500.000 specimens.

The garden and some collections (such as the greenhouses and the library) are publicly accessible and mostly used for recreative and educational purposes. Other collections are primarily used for research by scientists all over the world. Meise Botanic Garden also contributes towards conservation of biodiversity. In partnership with national and international sister-institutions, the aim is to protect plants and deepen our knowledge thereof both in and ex situ.

A visit to the Plant Palace, completely renovated and opened in 2017, is surely worth it. In the upcoming years, several changes await, namely de complete renovation of the domain and its buildings, including among others two visitor centres, the making of several thematic gardens, and a wood museum.

If you wish to keep informed about everything what happens in Meise Botanic Garden, you can surf to www.plantentuinmeise.be. Our collections are virtually accessible as well under www.botanicalcollections.be. Via the DoeDat-platform, you can help us to further unlock our collection to an ever broader audience!

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